Goodbye To The 2020-2021 School Year | Top 4 Favorites of the School Year etc. | P.2

Hello again, dear readers. I am excited to being sharing the second part of my goodbye to the school year post! As I mentioned before school is officially over for us, and I am currently working to bring my final assignment to a close. So far summer vacation has been filled with beautiful, warm and sunny days. We have been spending a great deal of time outside, hanging out and working on stuff. 🙂

I started my first non-fiction read of the summer – Personal History by Katharine Graham – and so far have only gotten through the first couple chapters; once I finish my school reading, which should be tomorrow, I’ll have a bit more time for it. I also bought several books this week (thank you to my parents!) and finally received my review copy of The Nature of a Lady! Anyway, let’s jump right in.

Blog Posts I Wrote

Thoughts On……Gender Equality | December 28. 2020

Let’s Chat About My Interest In Politics | Part One & Part Two

Tweet Cute – Emma Lord | Cooking, Twitter & Loveable Characters | Book Review

Black & White Photography – Part 2 | feat. questions answered by me

Blog Posts I (Especially) Enjoyed

Of Umbrellas, Great Aunts, and Parrots {camp nano 2o21} | the rain-drenched writer

meet the book blogger tag | Maya Joelle – the stories are true

just human | Imperial Scribis

his eyes: a sketch | the flood.

Songs I Listened To (On Repeat)

Your Power | Billie Eilish

Tigress & Tweed | Andra Day

Old Church Basement (feat. Dante Bowe) | Maverick City Worship

Come Back Home | Lauren Daigle & Petey Martin

Interesting Articles I Came Across

‘Mrs. America’ Review: The Voice of an E.R.A. | NYTimes

The Lost Story of Lady Bird | The Atlantic

‘Unity With Purpose.’ Amanda Gorman and Michelle Obama Discuss Art, Identity and Optimism | TIME

Who Is Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett? | NPR

What were some of your top 4 favorites of the year, any thoughts on mine? How many more days of school do you have? What is something you are looking forward to this summer?

2 thoughts on “Goodbye To The 2020-2021 School Year | Top 4 Favorites of the School Year etc. | P.2”

  1. Your photography is always so lovely.
    I am looking forward to being done with school lol
    And hopefully just a bunch of days running around in the sun. 🙂


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