It’s Time to Chat About….My Interest in Politics // Part 1

Hello again. I guess that there is a strong possibility that this post will come as a surprise to you if you followed my old blog. Don’t worry you haven’t missed anything, I simply haven’t shared the fact that I am quite interested in politics and current events with many people. Sharing this interest of mine, in many ways for the very first time, with you is after all is the main reason I wrote this post. 

For awhile now, I have thought about sharing my personal thoughts and opinions with you, but I wasn’t ready. Simply put I was scared and still am somewhat. It came as a bit of a shock when I realized I actually was ready to push myself out of my comfort zone, and I only realized that a few weeks ago.

On that recent day, I was reading my US Government lesson of the day and my thoughts returned to an instagram post I had read a couple days previously. In that moment I had that feeling that every writer craves, you know the one where you have words that simply need to be put on a paper, and that’s exactly what I did. I wrote a page of a rough response to that post that had been bothering me. As I looked at what I wrote I surprised myself by immediately thinking that I wanted to share this, my personal response to this person’s post. Posting it was on my mind as I showed it first to my sister and then to my mom. My mom read it, as she always reads my writing before I share it, and basically told me I couldn’t post it, not yet anyway. She told me that my blog wasn’t ready for me to share something like that piece of writing and said that before I started posting things like that I needed to do several things. One of those things was to write this post, the one you are currently reading the first part of, and share my story about my interest in politics.

She was (unsurprisingly) right in asking me to write this post that I am about to share with you. In the time I spent writing this post I reflected on where my recent interest in politics came from and laughed at my 11 year old self’s dreams, I thought about times that seem so long ago now and the things happening right this moment. It was an experience of reflection, growth and surprise as I realized how far I have come in past few years and months of my life. (That sounds so profound, I know. :))

And all that to say is, I am ready to share my thoughts and opinions with the people who actually read my blog, I am ready to begin to more clearly articulate in writing my thoughts on current events and politics. I have an opinion, many strong ones in fact, and it is just as valuable as anyone else’s. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I have already learned a lot.

So with all that in mind, let’s jump in. 

About five years ago, I remember walking past Trump Tower, on my first and only visit to NYC, with my family. You can imagine how we all looked to the people who stared at us, a big family, dressed up for a wedding and trying to take in the city like the country kids that we are. I remember my dad saying, as we looked up at Trump Tower, that Trump was running for President, and I was curious. As the next weeks and months went by and Hillary Clinton became to Democratic Party’s nominee and Donald Trump the Republican Party’s nominee, my curiosity increased. I listened for mentions of the election on the radio and looked forward to hearing whatever my dad was saying about it. I wished that I could hear more about what was happening, but as a 12 year old my access to the internet was far more limited than it is now. My impressions of the candidates were simple, namely neither Trump nor Clinton was someone my parents would pick to be president. And of course I heard plenty about why each candidate wasn’t someone who my parents were excited about, it would have been impossible to avoid hearing about Clinton’s stance on abortion and Trump’s record with women, among other things.

The thing that interested me most was the fact that Clinton could win and we could have a female president, finally. As I thought about that, my thoughts strayed to an impossible dream, what if one day I could be President? (Remember how I said that I laughed at my 12 year old self. :)) At that point I knew very little about either Trump or Clinton’s policies and stances on issues, but I was aware that Clinton was very pro-choice, something I absolutely disagreed with. That didn’t stop me from being inspired by this woman who had made it closer than any other American woman to holding the top political and governmental position in our country. 

I remember asking who had won the day after the election and hearing that Trump had won. I remember being being disappointed, it would have been amazing to have female President. I remember watching a bit of Trump’s inaugural speech and noticing Melania Trump’s blue dress. I remember being far more curious about what the Obamas were planning to do next than what Trump was going to do.

Over the next weeks and months, politics and politicians were not exactly the top things on my mind, as I had plenty of other things going on in my family to worry about. I was still curious though and spent quite a bit of time reading about various First Ladies. Their stories interested me far more than that of their husbands. These women had become some of the most well known women in the world simply because they were married to the president of the United States and they were and are interesting and inspiring women as a whole. (I enjoyed reading about Betty Ford and Michelle Obama in particular.)

At this point I was not actively trying to find information out about what was gong on politically, but of course I did hear my dad’s thoughts about Trump and living where I do it took no time at all for the signs in people’s front yards to switch from Clinton, Kaine 2016 to Any Functioning Adult 2020. I was aware but that was about it.

*The photos of fire are in no way related to the topics discussed in this post. I just love how they turned out and wanted to share them with you all. :))

It seems like this a good and natural place to stop, for now, I’ll be back to this soon though. Writing this and sharing this with you is something that I am glad that I am doing, I know that very few of you actually read this whole post, no worries, I get it, but I’m glad to take this step, for me. :))

What about you? Do you follow politics or the news? Does it interest you? What is something that you are passionate about and/or deeply interested in?

8 thoughts on “It’s Time to Chat About….My Interest in Politics // Part 1

  1. I think it’s so cool that you’re interested in politics!! The 2016 election was the first election that happened during my life that I actually remember, so the past few years have really been crucial in how I perceive politics and governmental issues. I’m really excited to read the part 2 of this post! Lovely discussion Esmeralda 💖


    1. Thank you, Abby. I must say that it has been the same for me, the last four/five years are what I remember politically. I think that, that being so, it’s easy to get caught up in the problems of now. I’ve learned that studying the history go this country really helps put it all into perspective. :))
      Thanks again, Abby! I am looking forward to sharing it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, following national politics and the national news coverage especially as we move closer and closer towards election day. BTW – looking forward to reading your Part 2…


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