I thought that I would share some of the blogs that post things that I enjoy taking the time to read. Reading blog posts can be a time consuming and enjoyable past-time, and it is an activity that I, for one, am quite invested in. I always enjoy finding new blogs to add to my list of favorites, so I’d love to hear which blogs you enjoy.

Designed by Jirah Merizz

Personal Favorites

(The blogs that I have been following for quite some time and jump up and down inwardly when a new post from these lovely people pops up in my inbox.)

Jul – The Flood. a shadow tilts its head at me

Sarah Thea – SarahThea blog. Only Skelton Bones Remain

Kaelyn – Kaelyn’s Life, a life full of joy and worship for Jesus

Penny Wood – Jane Austen’s Lightsaber

Enni – The Blanket Burrito, come: we have cinnamon rolls

Amie Anne – Amie Anne, a girl chasing the stars

Olivia – Olivia’s Pen

Lovely Photography

(Featuring photographers whose photos make me sigh and lament my recent disinterest in using my camera.)

Allison – A Farm Girl’s Life

Meghan – A Barefoot Gal

Writing and Words

Grace Marie – The Worthy Beloved

Clara – midnight mind

Jo – sacred words on subway walls

Jenna – Jenna Terese, Young Adult Author

Lifestyle & Randomness

(This includes bloggers who write a wide assortment of interesting posts. Everything from advice for re-decorating to tips for drinking more water.)

Maggie – maggie’s doodles, sharing positivity one doodle at a time!

LTBL – Living the Blogging Life

Hannah – The Striped Plaid, lifestyle inspirations for the everyday girl

Ally – A Little Bit of Allyson

Bree – Laughs and Literature

Hannah – Once Upon A Book

Books, Books & More Books

Emily – Frappes and Fiction

Rhi – Marshmallow Harmonies, read, ramble, repeat

(*Note: This page is a work in progress, if you have contacted me about swapping, please know that I will be in touch with you soon. )

27 thoughts on “Community”

  1. Hey-o! I love the blog. Would you like to swap? My blog is
    Even if you can’t, I’ll still put yours up πŸ˜‰
    Our blog names are a little similar!


  2. Hello, Esmerelda! Would you mind updating my domain name? I recently completely re-did my entire blog, and would apricate it greatly!


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