If you found your way here, I guess that you want to find out something about me, the person behind this blog. So here goes nothing or maybe it is something. I’ll let you decide.

Most importantly, I love God. Over and over again He shows me that I cannot fight my anxiety and get through the day without His help, the good days and the hard days.

I am blessed with an amazing family, siblings, parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents. I’m the oldest of a bunch of kids, equal amounts girls and boys. We are all homeschooled and happy to be. Most days our relatively small house gets loud, messy and crazy, but we all love each other.

I am teenage girl, with brown hair and brown eyes and names (first and middle) that very few people say correctly. A young woman who will never be thin and tall and instead is learning to embrace and love her body and all the curves that come with it. 

I love food, making it and eating it. I enjoy spicy food and sweet food, separately. Making my creamy lattes every afternoon is something I look forward to all day. There is nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee. My preferred way to drink my lattes is warmish, I know that makes no sense, maybe it is simply because I don’t want to wait for the coffee to chill. After all why wait another minute to enjoy the delight of coffee dancing over my taste buds.

I love to read and I love stories. Books have kept me sane through the hardest parts of my life so far and continue to keep me so. Nothing compares to reading a good book that leaves you absolutely exhausted, broken and whole in all the best ways. Books come in many levels of greatness and it can be hard to sort the beautiful from the ugly, but in the end time spent reading is time well spent.

I have found that photography is an incredible way to share pieces of God’s creation with others. It is a way to capture and preserve moments of time, memories. Nature photography has me hooked, portraits not so much. My camera is my friend, but not as close a one as my books and my sharp pencil.

I have come to realize that I love writing. I have much to learn, but it is something I want to grow in. Book reviews are a favorite of mine to write. As the school year ended last year, I discovered that I love biographical writing. Stories are almost always swimming around in my head and my imagination often borders on too active, although I try not to let it show. So who knows what will happen.

 The place that I call home is a small organic dairy farm in rural New England. I love my area and the value it places on eating locally and striving to live sustainably. It is a beautiful place and every day the beauty of this corner of God’s creation amazes me. I am constantly grateful for the distance from wildfires and intense storms which I live. Climate change has not forgotten us, though, we need rain desperately and have for months.

Politics and politicians interest me greatly. I enjoy following the daily news and listening to the people who run this country on the governmental level.

Now that you have heard something about me, who are you? What are you passionate about? What makes you happy? or angry?