Non-Fiction TBR | Summer Reading – 2022

Hello again, dear readers! After a very full two+ weeks, I am happy to be back. Summer life is full swing here, things on our farm are crazy - it's that time of year - and every day seems full to overflowing. Strawberry season is slipping by far too quickly for my liking and after… Continue reading Non-Fiction TBR | Summer Reading – 2022

Shadowed Loyalty – Roseanna M. White | A Book Review

Sabina Mancari never questioned her life as the daughter of Chicago’s leading mob boss until bullets tear apart her world and the man she thought she loved turns out to be an undercover Prohibition agent. Ambushes, bribes, murder, prostitution—all her life, her father sheltered her from his crimes, but now she can no longer turn… Continue reading Shadowed Loyalty – Roseanna M. White | A Book Review

Miscellaneous #2 | flower photography, recent favorites + springtime rambling

Hello again, my dear readers. I finally managed to take a few photos of the flowers right outside of our house (I have no idea why I find this to be so difficult) and after glancing through them decided to share a few. One of my wonderful aunts gave my sister and I a macro-lens… Continue reading Miscellaneous #2 | flower photography, recent favorites + springtime rambling

Mini-Reviews | The Spring 2022 Edition | Part One

Hello again, dear readers. After a crazy week - and the actual arrival of spring - I am happy to be back. We have three more weeks of school, including this one, before I complete my high school years and we all jump into summer life. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I am the least excited about the… Continue reading Mini-Reviews | The Spring 2022 Edition | Part One

King Richard (2021) | Movie Thoughts

2021 | PG-13 King Richard is the story of a remarkable man with talented daughters. It is a story about the power of determination and hard work. It is a story of one family’s living out of the American Dream. The story of two sisters who were born to dedicated parents. Sisters who would become… Continue reading King Richard (2021) | Movie Thoughts

Shadowed Loyalty – Roseanna M. White | Release Day!!

Hello again dear readers! I am dropping by today to share a bit about Shadowed Loyalty. (As a side note, I hope to hop back on here later this week with one of the several posts I have in process.) I just received my copy (!!) of this lovely book today and after reading about… Continue reading Shadowed Loyalty – Roseanna M. White | Release Day!!

Butterfly Yellow – Thanhhà Lai | Bookish Thoughts

Published: 2019 | 4 stars | Add on: TheStoryGraph or Goodreads Butterfly Yellow is a recent novel that tells the story of Hang (hereafter known as H, due to the fact that the proper letters are unavailable), a young woman who immigrates to the United States from Vietnam, a country that - at the time… Continue reading Butterfly Yellow – Thanhhà Lai | Bookish Thoughts

The Summer We Forgot by Caroline George | A (Brief) Book Review

Some memories are better left forgotten. Darby and Morgan haven’t spoken for two years, and their friend group has splintered. But when the body of their former science teacher is found in the marsh where they attended camp that summer, they realize they have more questions than answers . . . and even fewer memories.… Continue reading The Summer We Forgot by Caroline George | A (Brief) Book Review

Mini-Reviews | The Winter 2022 Edition | Part 2

Hello again, dear readers. Spring seems to be hiding from us this week, we have had a stretch of over all chilly days and although I cannot wait for sunny, warm weather (or more of last night's pouring rain), today seems to be a fitting day to post my last "Winter 2022" post. As I… Continue reading Mini-Reviews | The Winter 2022 Edition | Part 2

Miscellaneous #1 | Recent Favorites & More

Hello again, dear readers. I hope that this post finds you well enough and enjoying some sunshine. Spring seems to be teasing us here in New England and sadly we are once again heading into some cooler weather. Anyway, now that I have completed my typical weather update ( I am still unsure why I… Continue reading Miscellaneous #1 | Recent Favorites & More