Non-Fiction TBR | Summer Reading – 2022

Hello again, dear readers! After a very full two+ weeks, I am happy to be back. Summer life is full swing here, things on our farm are crazy - it's that time of year - and every day seems full to overflowing. Strawberry season is slipping by far too quickly for my liking and after… Continue reading Non-Fiction TBR | Summer Reading – 2022

Non-WWII Historical-Fiction {P. 2} | Summer Reading 2021

Hello again, dear readers. We have finally reached last (official) post of this (endless) series! I must admit to being rather glad that I am done with sharing my summer reading. I throughly enjoyed these stories, all of the books that I read over the summer, but anything related to summer feels rather wrong now,… Continue reading Non-WWII Historical-Fiction {P. 2} | Summer Reading 2021

WWII Historical-Fiction | Summer Reading 2021

Hello again, dear readers. Summer may end today, but this series is still not quite complete. Today, I am sharing a few of the WWII stories that I actually enjoyed, on some level, this summer. The shear number of books set during the years of the Second World War is insane, and I feel as… Continue reading WWII Historical-Fiction | Summer Reading 2021

Contemporary Reads YA + Adult | Summer Reading 2021

Hello again, dear readers. Somehow it is already September 15! With school starting, it feels as though this month is flying by. I am grateful that we still have a few more weeks of warm weather to look forward to. 🙂 Anyway, over the summer I enjoyed quite a few contemporary reads, and (as usual)… Continue reading Contemporary Reads YA + Adult | Summer Reading 2021

Fantasy Reads | Summer Reading 2021

Hello again, dear readers! I am dropping by with the next (very brief) installment of my Summer Reading series. As I mentioned in my tbr post, I have not read much fantasy recently (with the exception of the Grisha trilogy) so this post has, by far, the fewest books on it. And...let's jump right in!… Continue reading Fantasy Reads | Summer Reading 2021

Non-WWII Historical-Fiction {P. 1} | Summer Reading 2021

Hello again, dear readers. I am excited to be sharing my first Summer Reading post with all of you! After amassing quite a few mini-reviews over the past three or so months I thought that I would organize them by genre (sort of) and share them that way. So, this is only the first post… Continue reading Non-WWII Historical-Fiction {P. 1} | Summer Reading 2021

Travel, Islands & A Heist | A Reading List | Summer 2021

Hello again, dear readers. A combination of warm weather, The Nature of a Lady (be on the lookout for my review in the next couple days - I loved it) and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (pure sunshine and soon is too soon to rewatch it?) has me longing for an adventure of… Continue reading Travel, Islands & A Heist | A Reading List | Summer 2021