King Richard (2021) | Movie Thoughts

2021 | PG-13 King Richard is the story of a remarkable man with talented daughters. It is a story about the power of determination and hard work. It is a story of one family’s living out of the American Dream. The story of two sisters who were born to dedicated parents. Sisters who would become… Continue reading King Richard (2021) | Movie Thoughts

Munich: The Edge of War (2020) | Movie Thoughts

Hello again, dear readers! I hope that you are all experiencing a lovely spring-like day, like I am here. The fact that spring seems to be arriving is so wonderful and - at least for me - seems to bring with it a fresh wave of energy and inspiration. Anyway, we (a few of my… Continue reading Munich: The Edge of War (2020) | Movie Thoughts

Belgravia (2020) | Period Drama Thoughts

PG-13 | 2020 I discovered Belgravia one of the many times I was searching for something new to watch, and after watching the trailer, I requested it from the library. Needless to say, that was not a decision that I regret. 🙂 As a somewhat dedicated period drama watcher, I recognized both Tasmin Greg and… Continue reading Belgravia (2020) | Period Drama Thoughts