King Richard (2021) | Movie Thoughts

2021 | PG-13 King Richard is the story of a remarkable man with talented daughters. It is a story about the power of determination and hard work. It is a story of one family’s living out of the American Dream. The story of two sisters who were born to dedicated parents. Sisters who would become… Continue reading King Richard (2021) | Movie Thoughts

The Great Dissenter – Peter S. Canellos | A Review (of sorts)

Published: June 8, 2021 | Add on: Goodreads or TheStoryGraph They say that history is written by the victors. But not in the case of the most famous dissenter on the Supreme Court. Almost a century after his death, John Marshall Harlan’s words helped end segregation and gave us our civil rights and our modern… Continue reading The Great Dissenter – Peter S. Canellos | A Review (of sorts)

Harriet (2019) | A Powerful + Moving Story | Movie Thoughts

Hello again, dear readers. After having Harriet on our mental watchlist for a couple of years, a couple of my siblings and I watched it several weeks ago. It was powerful and somehow very different than I expected. I am excited to share some of my thoughts with you all, today. Autumn has fully arrived… Continue reading Harriet (2019) | A Powerful + Moving Story | Movie Thoughts

Non-Fiction Reading List | Spring & Summer 2021

Hello again, dear readers. This first week of (partial) summer vacation has been rather strange so far: although we have had some sunshine, it feels quite chilly when the wind blows and the wind has been blowing a great deal. I have been having a bit of trouble focusing on getting my paper done when… Continue reading Non-Fiction Reading List | Spring & Summer 2021

Martin Luther King Jr. // January 18. 2021

Hello again, dear readers. I am dropping by today to simply share some quotes and articles that I have found about the incredible man who this day of the year is named after. As part of our school for the day, my mom had us listen to Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech "I have… Continue reading Martin Luther King Jr. // January 18. 2021