Downton Abbey | Six Seasons in Five Months | An Experience :)

Hello again, dear readers. My siblings and I finished the final episode (and the movie) of Downton Abbey just in time for the the new year to begin and I couldn’t resist sharing some thoughts on it. I really enjoyed the show, it had enough drama to keep it moving, but it was also slow-paced enough that it was relaxing in a way. It is the perfect show to watch while typing something up or washing eggs or picking up the house.

Anyway, here are some scattered thoughts about Downton Abbey. πŸ˜€

*If you have not seen Downton, be warned, there are some spoilers ahead.*

We started watching Downton on library DVDs the night my baby brother was born. It had stormed that day and we lost power for a handful of hours, so we decided to give it a shot on my laptop.

I don’t think that any of us particularly liked it at first, and we didn’t watch the next episodes until several weeks later. But, we returned to it because it had been awhile since we had an extensive show to watch together.

  • Due to the fact that we fast-forwarded a couple of scenes in season one, my sister still insists that Mary killed Mr. Pamuk….why, I don’t know.
  • The fact that the entire cast is incredibly white, pasty white actually, especially in the first couple of seasons (I had begun to wonder if any of them had ever been exposed to the sun..), bothered me at first, but I eventually worked through that, although I still have conflicting thoughts on it…..

  • Mr. Bates and Anna: I am in awe of how much drama they managed to generate for the show. I mean the murder accusations, the former Mrs. Bates, Anna’s rape (the saddest and most surprising thing in the entire show) and don’t forget all the jail time.

  • I truly appreciate the fact that they all rewear their clothing so often; it feels quite realistic.

  • Mary and Edith…their relationship is terrible. Every time they went at each other – or sabotaged one another – I was simply grateful for my friendship with my sister. I must say that I did love the scene in Season 6 where Edith finally calls Mary out, using some very accurate words. πŸ˜€

  • Sometimes I liked Cora, sometimes she drove me crazy. The same can be said of how I feel about Robert.

  • I will forever be upset over the unfairness of the fact that we had to suffer through 3 (or was it really just two?) seasons of Matthew/Mary drama and we only had a handful of episodes with Henry! (I love Henry, he is absolutely the best male love interest in the entire show.)

  • Tom, what can I say about Tom? When we were first introduced to Branson, I was not a fan, at all, but by the end he was one of my favorite characters. I love his relationships with both Mary and Edith; they really needed a brother. His was one of the most interesting arcs of the show and I am eagerly anticipating watching him get married in a few months. πŸ˜€

  • Violet and Isobel are about half of the reason that I enjoyed this show so much. They are hilarious and wonderful. Their rivalry turned friendship is impeccably explored.

  • Cora’s mother, the Mrs. Levinson is the one character (other than Henry) who I wish we could have seen more of. The way that she is completely unbothered by Violet and her general American frankness is breath of fresh air in the episodes in which she graced us with her presence.

Well, I could go on and on, mentioning bits and pieces of what I liked and disliked about Downton, but I’ll bore you (even more) and there is no need for that. πŸ˜€

Well, have you seen Downton Abbey? If so, any thoughts to share?

4 thoughts on “Downton Abbey | Six Seasons in Five Months | An Experience :)”

  1. LOL MR BATES AND ANNA NEVER CAUGHT A BREAK! The writers seriously decided to milk that for all it was worth…. I forgot that BOTH of them had stints in jail for a second there.

    I completely agree with you about Tom– I hated him at the beginning because he was so manipulative with Sybil. It was like he was trying to get her to elope with him to prove a political point. But then he became one of my favorite characters in the later seasons. I watched seasons 1-5 and then got tired of the show because it seemed like they were running out of plot lines (see the Mr. Bates & Anna never-ending tragedies) but I might watch season 6 one of these days…

    I def think the most traumatizing episode was the one ***SPOILER*** where Sybil dies– season 3 really was something


    1. They truly didn’t; although things are finally looking for them by the end of the show. πŸ˜‚

      Absolutely!! I honestly did not think that he actually loved her.
      But somehow he ended up being one of the best characters.

      You have to watch season 6! It ended up being one of my favorite seasons, mostly because of Henry and Mary.

      That was an incredibly traumatizing episode! There’d one in season 6 that almost beats it though….😁


  2. heck my comment was deleted :”)
    anyways i basically said:
    shirley mclaine brought that much needed vibrant, american wit. (posh) british humor can become monotonous very easily. and although mary didn’t actually kill mr pamuk, she does have that murderous glint in her eye from time to time…
    personally i think the most compelling character arc was thomas’s, but miss patmore reigns supreme in my heart!


    1. It’s always so frustrating when that happens. πŸ˜€

      Shirley MacLaine is simply perfection and I will forever be sad that she was not in the show more!
      Mary absolutely has a muderous glint in her eye at times…
      Thomas….honestly I have mixed feeling about him. At first I hated him, but by the end I mostly felt compassion for him.
      Mrs. Patmore is wonderful!

      How do you feel about Edith and Sybil?


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