Belgravia (2020) | Period Drama Thoughts

PG-13 | 2020

I discovered Belgravia one of the many times I was searching for something new to watch, and after watching the trailer, I requested it from the library. Needless to say, that was not a decision that I regret. 🙂

As a somewhat dedicated period drama watcher, I recognized both Tasmin Greg and Harriet Walter. Harriet Walter was immediately recognizable; after all who has watched Sense & Sensibility and not felt that her character was the funniest and most memorable thing about it?

Moving on – somewhat – I found the acting to be quite solid. There were hardly any moments that I felt were cringe-worthy. 🙂 Harriet Walter and Tasmin Greg were undoubtedly, and deservingly, the stars of the show. The scenes with the two of them together were my favorite part of the show.

Lady Maria Grey [Ella Purnell] was honestly quite refreshing. She was intelligent, and felt authentic to the time period. There were moments where I found her mildly annoying, but overall I found myself wishing more female characters of this time period were portrayed in such a balanced way.

I am, unsurprisingly, not a fan of the whole Susan/John situation but I will say that in the end it had a positive, if indirect, outcome. Her husband truly needed to grow a backbone. As a side note, I was rather unimpressed by Mr. Charles Pope, but he was a pleasant character, I suppose.

Comparisons between Belgravia and Downton Abbey must be drawn; therefore, I will say that I found the servants in Downton far more enjoyable than those in Belgravia, but as a whole Belgravia has rather more…weight, or purpose.

Overall, I quite enjoyed this show and would not mind re-visiting it in the future.

Have you seen Belgravia? How do you feel about period dramas? What have you been watching lately? Is anyone else eagerly anticipating The Gilded Age?

[I think that all of my siblings are quite sick of my talking about The Gilded Age, but I can’t help it (besides they will all watch and enjoy with me). I mean Christine Baranski! And it’s actually set in the US rather than the UK! I will certainly be paying for a month of HBOMax in April to watch it. :)]

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