Thankful & Grateful 2021 | feat. black + white photography

Hello again, my dear readers. I almost cannot believe that we are actually here, somehow today is Thanksgiving and Advent begins this weekend. Time seems to be flying by and some days it feels rather terrifying.

Well, I am dropping by today to share some of the things that I am feeling so incredibly thankful for. I have so much to be grateful for and always find taking the time to write a handful down a powerful reminder of this fact. So, here we are. I hope you enjoy these messy, wordy thoughts.

(These are not in any kind of order.:))

My family | my parents’ love and encouragement, their willing/desire to help make it possible for me to start taking steps towards adulthood. my siblings’ are so full of life, always pushing me to become a better sister and person, they have taught me so much and are my closest friends; my beautiful littlest brother earns his own special mention: your mere existence is a gift and I am so overwhelmed by the privilege it is to be your sister, to watch you grow, to love on you and help take care of you.

my Tia, the fact that I get to have her as my Tia and have her in my life. my grandparents. my great aunt; I am so thankful that we get to live in such close proximity with family members.

Technology | the ability to stay connected with friends and family who live far away, this creative outlet of mine, access to worlds of information.

Stories | I don’t believe that I have ever been more in love with stories: films that challenge me and show me new pieces of the world, films that inspire me and fill me up with dreams. books that entertain me, that sweep me away and move me near tears, books that make me smile and laugh.

Food + Clean Water | nourishing, healthy, delicious food. clean, fresh, cold water.

Friends | new friends – special moments over the course of two days, feeling as though we have always known each other, old friends – letters and laughter, singing, base-quest in the woods, being there for each other when things are hard.

Music | what can I say? music picks me up and makes me smile, it carries me through my daily life, it has cut right through to my heart and woken me up. music has brought me so much joy over the past year. I am so thankful.

Musicals | this year held three musicals, one watched twice and the others an ever growing number of times. these musicals, almost against the odds, opened up my world and filled me with dreams. (I miss summer.)

I have so much to be thankful for and that’s really all there is to it.

Just a quick note before I go: So many of us have learned about the colonists who first successfully settled here with comparatively little focus on the impact that the colonists had on the lives of the indigenous people who already lived here – we all know the names of the pilgrims, who lived and who died, but do we know the names of the tribes who were here when they arrived? As someone who lives in (and loves) New England, I am surrounded by places that played key roles in the eventual creation of this country, and I love living in a place with so much historical richness.

All that said, I am also keenly aware of the fact that none of the colonists had a right to simply arrive here and decide that they could simply take over the land of the indigenous peoples who had been here forever. It is one of the many, very real and important, issues that must be raised and considered when discussing and thinking about our history as a country.

What is something that you are thankful for? (And have you been listening to 30 on repeat like me?)

15 thoughts on “Thankful & Grateful 2021 | feat. black + white photography”

  1. I love this so much. Happy Thanksgiving, Esmeralda! It’s so easy to overlooking the wonderful things we are blessed with in life and this post really reminded me I have so much to be thankful for. So thank you for that. 🤍


  2. I love this little list, Esmeralda! We really do have so much to be thankful for… the seemingly mundane things like clean water, and the things we take for granted so often like family and friends, and then all the extra little blessings like books and good music! I loved this! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! ❤


  3. I’m late to this post as always but this was so beautifully written Esmeralda!! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving ❤️ I completely agree with you about how scary it is to see how fast time has flown. Last year’s Thanksgiving seems like only yesterday, and somehow we’re already an entire year past that point? It really is quite disorienting. And yes to being thankful for stories and music! 🥰 I don’t know how I would’ve survived this year without those two things. And of course musicals!! May I ask which ones you watched this year?

    Lovely post Esmeralda! 💖


    1. I couldn’t agree more – it is rather disorienting – and music + stories truly add so much richness to our lives!

      Haha! Of course! The four main musicals I devoted time to this year were (1) Mamma Mia! The Movie (2) Hello Dolly! [with Barbra Streisand] (3) Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and (4) In The Heights [!!!!]. Which musicals have you seen this year? Any to recommend? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh I really need to get around to watching the Mamma Mia movies, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them! And In the Heights was such a vibrant film—it had the same exact atmosphere as the Broadway soundtrack 🤩 I haven’t been able to watch that many musicals this year, but I have been listening to a lot of Broadway albums! A few that I fell in love with are Frozen (I went in with admittedly low expectations but I was really surprised by how much more development the characters got than in the movie), Moulin Rouge, Bring It On, and the unofficial Bridgerton album. I’ve also fallen head over heels for Taylor Swift’s music, which is a whole other genre in itself 😍


      2. I especially love the second one, but must admit to being completely obsessed with both. [Just a note, the first one has quite a bit of innuendo type stuff. :)]
        I have never listened to the broadway Frozen soundtrack. I will have to do that!
        The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical is amazing! I have many of the songs memorized.

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