notes from my summer, thoughts from the first month of school + a list | September 29. 2021 | feat. gladiolas

Hello again, dear readers. As summer comes to a close, I have been enjoying reflecting a bit over what the summer held for me, and I wanted to share a few notes- things that I want to remember I guess. Additionally, I am excited about what this school holds for me, so I also have some thoughts on that to share. Finally, (:)) I always enjoy sharing some of my favorite recent blog posts, so they have found a home here.

I suppose that’s all the introduction I truly need, here we go!

Summer Notes

waiting, day after day for the arrival of a gift. hot, long days of waiting: defined the months of may and june.

an eventful day – a storm blowing through, the lose of power – ends with whispered prayers in the comfort of my bed. minutes later, our precious, perfect gift arrives with the new day.

long – but fleeting – days unfold. day after day of rain, no real sign of the sun for days.

days spent reading, and cuddling with our precious gift. hours in the kitchen, meal after meal.

dreams of seeing the world – encouraged by Mamma Mia! – flooding my mind at the most inopportune moments.

questioning the thoughts and partial plans I previously had for my future. learning that questioning and thinking through things is only natural.

this summer went by much too quickly: sounding like “Mamma Mia!” + “In the Heights,” looking like words on a page and rain outside my window, smelling like wet earth and tasting like sourdough bread and tomatoes.

School Year Notes

As the first month of my high-school senior year comes to a close, I still feel a bit unstable. I have had a couple of fun (and pretty unexpected) opportunities open up during this month and although I am genuinely excited about both of them, it has required me re-arranging the weekly/daily schedule that I had planned on going into the year.

I am hoping that over the second month of the school-year I will find my rhythm with it all (and post a few reviews etc. here that I am actually excited about).

This year feels different for me. I suppose it is simply the fact that it is my final year of home-schooling and really the life rhythm that has made up my life for the past thirteen years.

I have had a bit more freedom in deciding what I want to spend my time on and one thing that I am currently loving is reading Elizabeth Acevedo’s books The Poet X and Clap When You Land (for English/lit.).

I guess what I am trying to communicate is that I feel far from settled into my school-year rhythm, but that despite this I am doing well.

September has been a lovely month, and I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by. This month has held many sweet memories – birthdays, meeting new (but old) friends, singing with friends for the first time in months, a couple of hilarious walks in the dark – and I will be sad to say goodbye tomorrow.

Semi-Recent Blog Posts I Especially Enjoyed

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How was your summer? What was your favorite moment/event? How do you feel about the fact that fall is here?

4 thoughts on “notes from my summer, thoughts from the first month of school + a list | September 29. 2021 | feat. gladiolas”

  1. This post is so beautifully written, I loved reading it! I can totally relate to feeling “out of rhythm” this school year – so much has been changing and it’s been difficult to establish a good routine. Hope you’re doing well and are enjoying your sweet gift! 🙂


  2. This was beautiful, Esmeralda. The way you wrote your thoughts flowed so softly and poetically. I loved it. All the best with your final year of school! I can understand that it’s going to have that unsual out-of-rhythm feeling attached to it. But I’m sure good things are set to come and help you settle down to a good rhythm again. And thank you so much for the little mention. 🤍


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