Non-WWII Historical-Fiction {P. 1} | Summer Reading 2021

Hello again, dear readers. I am excited to be sharing my first Summer Reading post with all of you! After amassing quite a few mini-reviews over the past three or so months I thought that I would organize them by genre (sort of) and share them that way. So, this is only the first post in a series that has quite a few parts. What can I say? It has been a wonderful summer for my reading. 🙂

Other than reading I have been keeping somewhat busy and staying up much too late with two of my siblings (those closest in age to me :)). We have gotten hooked on Downton Abbey -we are almost through the first season- and over the past week we started Shadow and Bone! Unsurprisingly, we are enjoying it so far.

The weather here has been very warm, but sunny and beautiful. I am enjoying these last couple weeks of summer, and I am definitely not ready for them to end. With that, let’s jump in!

To Steal a Heart – Jen Turano | 4 ★ | 2021

I am a huge fan of Turano’s books. Every single one of them is slightly ridiculous, full of eccentric and wonderful characters and absolutely hilarious. TSaH, although not Turano’s best, was no different.

I fell completely in love with the characters and I cannot wait to learn more about Eunice in particular. The story-line was chaotic, but certainly enjoyable.

The Prince of Spies – Elizabeth Camden | 4.5 ★ | 2021

I loved this book. I really did, and that made me incredibly happy, because I had very low expectations after disliking the previous book in the trilogy.

Well, let’s get into why I loved this book: (1) the characters were lovely, full of personality and realistic struggles (2) the romance, shockingly (lol) I loved how the characters related and actually made each better and (3) the fact that it focused on food preservatives, and the horrifying facts of what often actually was in canned goods.

The Silence of Bones – June Hur | 4 ★ | 2020

Well, first off I’ll say that The Silence of Bones is a far superior book to Hur’s second book. This book is sad and serious, but boasts a lovable main character. I found the entire story to be interesting and refreshingly different from the vast majority of YA historical fiction for many reasons.

I would absolutely recommend this story to anyone looking for something different, a unique-feeling work of suspenseful (and somewhat bloody) historical fiction.

Before We Were Yours – Lisa Wingate | 5 ★ | 2017

Before We Were Yours is a rare book, one of those that completely absorbs the reader and then breaks their heart; I was hooked from the first chapter and already cannot wait to revist this story.

Wingate crafted an impeccable split-time novel about beautiful characters with painful stories. I fell completely in love with so many of them, especially May, Avery and Jonas.

Before We Were Yours deals with a horrific piece of history that is rarely, if ever, mentioned and does so with compassion and hope.

Basically, I cannot recommend this book enough.

Have you read any of these books? Or any books by these authors? Any bookish thoughts to share?

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