Denial & Darkest Hour | (Semi-)Historical Dramas | Quick Movie Thoughts

Hello again, dear readers. I meant to share this with you all earlier this week, but life happens (and I’m currently trying to organize all my unposted summer mini-reviews into a handful of posts, which is fun but takes forever), so here we are. šŸ™‚ I can’t believe that it is already August 7, and today is the first day that it has felt remotely like August where I am. It rained almost every single day of July, which was both wonderful and rather tedious, but thankfully we are getting some sunshine now.

Life has been rather busy for me, but I have been doing a bunch of reading and it has been absolutely wonderful to fly through the pages of wonderful stories again. Anyway, I am here today to share some more movie thoughts (to anyone wondering if I’ll ever share another book review, just a little while longer :)), so let’s jump right in!

Denial | PG-13 | 2016

I came across Denial as I was browsing for historical-type dramas on Amazon, and as soon I watched the trailer I knew I was going to love it. I was right. My siblings (the three closest to my age) and I watched it together and we all were surprised by how interesting and suspenseful it was. The fact that about 80% of the movie takes place in a court room could have made Denial rather…dull, but instead it kept me – well, as the expression goes – at the edge of my seat.

The acting was superb, each character felt completely human and at no point was there a cringe-worthy line. Rachel Weisz is a talented actress and I absolutely loved how she portrayed Deborah Lipstadt. David Irving was horrifying in his denial of truth and his racist beliefs.

The whole movie was both jarring and challenging. It made me really think through the fact that we, now in 2021, cannot ever know what we would have done if we had lived through the Holocaust. All in all, I found this movie to be interesting, suspenseful and definitely worth every minute spent watching it.

Darkest Hour | PG-13 | 2017

Well, to be honest, I was rather bored (and distracted) while watching the first half of Darkest Hour; I can’t quite explain why, perhaps simply the fact that I am generally slightly less interested in stories focused mostly on men and/or war. (Shocking, I know.) Despite this, the second half really pulled me in, and I found myself thoroughly enjoying, or maybe appreciating is a better word, the movie.

All you have to do is watch the trailer and you will immediately know that the acting is incredibly high-quality, and this is really what makes the film seem so realistic, like an actual snapshot of a historical period of time. It really is difficult to explain how real the film felt and how easy it was to feel for each of the characters.

Darkest Hour vividly portrayed how it felt for the British people, particularly the leaders, to know that at any moment they could be invaded and taken over by the Germans. For literally as long as I can remember, I have been aware of the intense bombing that was inflicted on London and England in general, but I had never actually thought about how it must have felt to know that the world, as you know it, could literally end at any given moment.

So ultimately, although it took me a little while to actually appreciate this movie, I found it one-hundred percent worth watching. It was educational, suspenseful and impactful.

Have you seen either of these movies? Any thoughts to share? Has anyone else been listening to (most of the clean version of) Happier Than Ever on repeat?

3 thoughts on “Denial & Darkest Hour | (Semi-)Historical Dramas | Quick Movie Thoughts”

  1. My sister has been begging me to listen to Happier Than Ever but I haven’t actually listened to it yet. Maybe I will now!
    I have not watched these movies but I love historical fiction so I might have to check them out. Have you watched Downton Abbey? I was obsessed with it for the entire winter during coronavirus lockdowns


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