A Collection of Movies (Recently Experienced) | The Spring 2021 Edition

Hello again, dear readers. I am dropping by with a post that was meant to be published a couple months ago, hence the fact that I called it the Spring Edition. 🙂

And without further introduction: let’s jump in. I hope that you find something new to enjoy!

Mr. Popper’s Penguins | PG | 2011

Somehow – despite the fact that we enjoyed the book – we had never seen this movie until a couple months ago. Everyone loved it, laughed pretty hard and then rewatched it the next day.

Hello Dolly! | PG | 1969

I had never heard of this musical and discovered it while scrolling through Disney+’s large collection of movies. We – my youngest three siblings and sister closest-in-age-to-me in particular – fell in love with (almost) all of it. The music and dancing was largely wonderful and we listened to the soundtrack on repeat for weeks.

Raya & The Last Dragon | PG | 2021

Well, I am pretty sure that everyone has heard of this movie, after all it seemed to be everywhere when it first came out. Regardless, I am here to share my thoughts.

I wasn’t very impressed. There were wonderful elements – strong female characters, lack of a love story, Raya’s weapons – but I felt it lacked something. That said, it was still a decent movie, if rather weird.

Secret Garden | PG | 2020

It was only after watching Mamma Mia! that I realized how many movies Julie Walters is in, and how much I have enjoyed each character she has played – especially the old lady in the Paddington movies. Anyway I thought that the acting in this movie was lovely and I loved the choices of actors and actresses.

I’m not entirely sure I would choose to watch this movie again, but it was enjoyable in a slightly depressing way.

United Kingdom | PG-13 | 2016

I didn’t love this movie, but I did like it. It was interesting, sad and inspiring. The acting was strong and the bravery of the characters was wonderful. That’s about it; go watch the trailer.

Six Minutes to Midnight | PG-13 | 2020

This is another movie that I liked but didn’t love. To start with the positive: the acting was strong and the story suspenseful. The negatives are simple: it felt that pieces of the story and characters were underdeveloped in a way. That said, I definitely do not regret the time I spent watching this movie.

Julie & Julia | PG-13 | 2009

Well, I suppose it will not surprise anyone that I wanted to see this movie solely due to the fact that Meryl Streep stars in it, what ended up surprising me was how it made me fall in love with cooking all over again.

I loved this movie, it was funny and there was so much good food! I also really loved Julia’s relationship with Paul, it was refreshing to watch a movie where a married couple is so in love with each other (that sounds so much better in my head).

For the most part, I would have enjoyed this movie even more without the Julie parts, but there were a few memorable moments from Julie that I loved, namely her love for butter.

The Intern | PG-13 | 2015

This is an (almost) sweet story about an unlikely friendship. It is light-hearted, with a few more serious moments, and somewhat funny. I would say that it is the perfect movie to watch when it’s late and you just want something that isn’t stressful. 🙂

The Devil Wears Prada | PG-13 | 2006

Well, I only have good things to say about this movie. My sister and I watched it and then re-watched it with one of our brothers, and enjoyed it greatly both times.

There are so many funny and memorable quotes and scenes in this movie, and each character is interesting to watch throughout the movie. I must say that I strongly dislike the boyfriend and absolutely love Emily Blunt’s character (who’s name I am blanking on….it is actually Emily?).

Anyway, this is a fun movie to watch when you want something rather less heavy than, say, Six Minutes to Midnight.

Have you seen any of these movies? Any thoughts to share?

6 thoughts on “A Collection of Movies (Recently Experienced) | The Spring 2021 Edition”

  1. This was a very nice post! I’m actually listening to the Secret Garden right now as an audio book. Bad i didn’t know there was a new movie!! Thank you so much now I’ll go watch it! xoxoxo


  2. oh my gosh i had no idea there was a Mr Popper movie… my mom and I read the book years ago when I was younger and we loved it, now I feel like I have to watch the movie!!! Other than that, thank you for all the recommendations, Esmeralda!! I loved this post, as always!!


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