Spring Photography – P.2 (Irises) | feat. an early summer playlist

Hello again, dear readers. I really enjoyed taking a bunch of pictures of our beautiful irises this spring, and I am excited to be sharing some of them with all of you. As you most likely are aware, I love music almost as much as reading and very rarely does a day pass without listening to whatever songs are currently interesting me. So, I thought that it was past time that I put together another playlist to share here. Honestly, the majority of what I have been listening to lately has been soundtracks (namely the Mamma Mia! soundtracks and the In The Heights movie soundtrack) but I also included a handful of other songs that I am also enjoying.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this collection of songs and photography!

You can’t have my head space
Won’t let you in my safe place
You can say what you want, you can do what you like
You can throw another stone, but you’re never gonna see my heart break”

Headspace – Riley Clemmons

“To You I am
More than just a face in a crowd
Worth more than gold at any amount
To You I am irreplaceable
The scars in Your hands
Say that I am worth fighting for
They say that I’m forever adored
To You I am irreplaceable”

Irreplaceable – Riley Clemmons

“Try not to abuse your power
I know we didn’t choose to change
You might not wanna lose your power
But having it’s so strange”

Your Power – Billie Eilish

“Lately, you’ve been living in the dark
Smiling on the outside, crying in your heart
And you can’t catch a breath, you can’t catch a breath
You say you’re feeling like you’ve lost your way
And your hope is gone because you’re out of faith
But I’m right here, I’m right here”

Count On Me – The Young Escape

“Say a prayer for me
‘Cause I don’t get no sleep
Say a prayer for me”

Tigress & Tweed – Andra Day

“I was an impossible case
No one ever could reach me
But I think I can see in your face
There’s a lot you can teach me
So I wanna know, what’s the name of the game?”

The Name of the Game (Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again Soundtrack) – Lily James

“This is my street
I smile at the faces I’ve known all my life
They regard me with pride
And everyone’s sweet
They say, “You’re going places!”
So how can I say that while I was away, I had so much to hide!
Hey guys, it’s me!
The biggest disappointment you know
The kid couldn’t hack it, she’s back and she’s walkin real slow
Welcome home”

Breathe (In The Heights Soundtrack) – Leslie Grace

“I have a dream, a song to sing
To help me cope with anything
If you see the wonder of a fairy tale
You can take the future even if you fail”

I Have A Dream (Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again Soundtrack) – Lily James

When the sun goes down
You’re gonna need a flashlight
You’re gonna need a candle”

When the Sun Goes Down (In The Heights Soundtrack) – Leslie Grace & Corey Hawkins

“Standing here in fear of the unknown
Tides won’t rise inside my comfort zone
Stepping off the shore, headed for something more
Time to take a leap of faith
I’m in ankle deep, now it’s up to my knees
Ready to get swept away”

Over My Head – CAIN

Have you heard any of these songs? What have you been listening to lately?

10 thoughts on “Spring Photography – P.2 (Irises) | feat. an early summer playlist”

  1. Ahh those flowers are so beautiful! πŸ’™ great pics and lyrics 😊
    I actually haven’t heard any of those songs! Lately I’ve been listening to songs by Hunter Hayes and Niall Horan πŸ’œ


      1. You’re welcome!
        I love The One That Got Away, Wild Blue, Madness, Night and Day, and One Good Reason (In The Wild) by Hunter Hayes πŸ˜„ and I love Heartbreak Weather, Black and White, and Cross Your Mind by Niall! They’re all great songs, I’d really recommend them ❀️


  2. gorgeous photos! emeralda, you are so talented at photography! i always love your posts with photos interwoven into them too! and i also loved the song suggestions! riley clemmons is so good! i’m guessing by the additions of song from the in the heights sountrack you’ve seen the movie since it came out? i haven’t seen it yet but i’m DYING too… i might try get tickets to see it soon! πŸ’›


      1. So I know this is 100% her most popular song but I really like Fighting For Me!
        I’ve heard a few of the songs but I’m so excited to hopefully go see it soon! I feel like if I learnt all the lyrics to the song before I watched it I’d want to sing along the whole time in the movie theatre which would just be annoying, so I’m trying to not learn them until after I’ve seen it haha!!


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