Travel, Islands & A Heist | A Reading List | Summer 2021

Hello again, dear readers. A combination of warm weather, The Nature of a Lady (be on the lookout for my review in the next couple days – I loved it) and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again (pure sunshine and fun….how soon is too soon to rewatch it?) has me longing for an adventure of some sort, preferably on a beautiful island somewhere. Considering the fact that an adventure is not in my immediate future (no matter how much I wish it was) and that I will be spending my summer at home, I thought I would share some books that left me smiling and dreaming of far-away places or adventures.

I hope that you enjoy glancing through this list as much as I enjoyed putting it together. πŸ™‚

The Nature of A Lady – Roseanna M. White | Historical Fiction | 2021

Of course, you have all heard a great deal about this book from me, but now that I have read it….I have more to say. πŸ™‚ Of course most of said things are going into my review – which I plan to write tonight – but here’s why it is on this list:

  • The Isles of Scilly are absolutely beautiful and reading about Libby exploring them could only be beat by exploring them myself.
  • Hidden treasure plays a large role in the story!!
  • As I read this story I fell completely in love with the lives of the locals on each island.

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A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea and Tomorrow – Laura Namey | YA | 2020

I really enjoyed this lovely story when I read it several months ago – although it had a slow start. Anyway, it is here due to these facts:

  • Delicious food, described incredibly well, is a key piece of the book.
  • The British setting was incredibly cozy and compelling.
  • I finished this book with a firm decision that one day I would visit England.
  • The characters are simply wonderful.

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Set the Stars Alight – Amanda Dykes | Historical Fiction | 2020

After spending months barely reading, I read this absolute treasure of a story and fell head of heels in love with every piece of it:

  • The setting is INCREDIBLE.
  • There are impossibly starry skies and a beautiful hobbit-hole-like cabin.
  • Nothing is as absorbing (at least for me) as an excellent setting combined with superb characters – which this book has.

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Love & Gelato – Jenna Evans Welch | YA | 2016

I honestly do not have much to say about this addition to the list, but I do remember really enjoying it:

  • Gelato in abundance in never a bad thing.
  • Plenty of exploring new places with new friends, always fun to read about. πŸ™‚

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Love & Olives – Jenna Evans Welch | YA | 2020

This rather long story took some time for me to get into, but eventually the setting had me hooked:

  • Descriptions of beautiful Greek islands are available in abundance.
  • A magical bookstore – that actually exists!
  • And plenty of hot and endless sunshine.

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Heist Society – Ally Carter | YA | 2010

I read all of Ally Carter’s books a couple summers ago and throughly enjoyed this trilogy. I am currently contemplating re-reading them, but while I think about it, here you go:

  • There is something undeniably and impossibly adventurous about heists. They are certainly one of my favorite things to read about, it’s too bad there aren’t more YA books about them.
  • This story hold plenty of luxury plane rides and other glamorous modes of travel.

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Once Upon a Prince – Rachel Hauck | Romance | 2013

All of Hauck’s books are lovely, and in many ways the ultimate comfort read. I included this one here because:

  • Another island (or is it actually two?)!
  • An enjoyable and unrealistic story-line = perfect summer reading.
  • *Note: this is a perfect example of the importance of not judging a book by its cover.

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Camp Rolling Hills – Stacy Davidowitz | MG | 2016

Something camp related had to make it on to this list and Camp Rolling Hills is in many ways the perfect camp book.

  • Plenty of drama – friend and boyfriend alike.
  • Everything that comes to mind when you think of fictional camp-life is in this book or its sequels.

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Diamond In the Rough – Jen Turano | Historical Fiction | 2019

Technically speaking, this book takes place (in part) not all that far from where I live, but practically speaking it is a world away. In my opinion, very few people can write like Turano, and it’s here because:

  • There are plenty of descriptions of parties that would be rather ridiculous to attend but that are absolutely wonderful to read about.
  • As in every book that Turano writes, there is a completely unrealistic adventure.
  • The life of the one-percent in 1885 was both completely insane and absolutely hilarious.

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Have you read any of these books? Do you have any favorite books that are perfect for the times you dream of an adventure? Has summer started where you are?

4 thoughts on “Travel, Islands & A Heist | A Reading List | Summer 2021

  1. i’m already compelled to read a cuban girl’s guide to tea and tomorrow solely because of the food you mentioned, and love and gelato for the same reason too hehe! but glad to hear they both have great characters, thanks for the list esmeralda! ❀


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