Goodbye To The 2020-2021 School Year | Top 4 Favorites | P. 1

Hello again, dear readers. Somehow school is almost over, we have the rest of this week and all of next week before we have (officially) completed our school year. I anticipate still having a couple things to work on for most of May, but I will be done with most of my work! Anyway, I thought (with help from a writing prompt my mom gave us) that it would be fun to compile a couple lists of my Top 4 favorite things that I have read, watched and listened to throughout the school year, and here we are.

To start off I am sharing my Top 4 favorite movies and books that I have read throughout the school year. It was almost impossible to pick four books, so I attempted to pick one from each genre I regularly read, picking four movies was also difficult, but I did it. Unsurprisingly I have already been mentioned about half of these books and movies, but I hope that you enjoy seeing this short list anyway. Without further delay…….my first end of the school year post.

(I am hoping to be back soon with my April mini-reviews! I read quite a few wonderful books that I am excited to share my thoughts on and I am currently reading Concrete Rose – you all were right about Angie Thomas – in hopes of sharing my thoughts on it as well.)


Set The Stars Alight – Amanda Dykes | 5 ★ | (Christian) Historical Fiction, Split-Time

This stunning book was incredible, I cannot wait to re-read it. Dykes’s writing is rich and beautiful – I will absolutely be underlining my favorite parts when I re-read it.

The characters are also beautiful and wonderfully human. Truthfully there is almost nothing that I didn’t love about this story.

My Review | Add On Goodreads

A Promised Land – Barak Obama | 5 ★ | Non-Fiction

Obama’s first presidential memoir is fascinating and surprisingly engaging. He is a skilled writer and made many somewhat difficult/complicated topics easy to follow and understand.

I truly enjoyed reading this memoir and I am looking forward to the next volume.

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Tweet Cute – Emma Lord | 4.5 ★ | YA Contemporary

I have a feeling that some of you are slightly sick of hearing about my love of this story, but it truly is one of the best YA contemporaries I have ever read so here we are.

My absolute favorite part of this book, and the real reason it is here, is the characters. I love the story line and the writing but it is Pepper and Jack that take it to the next level.

My Review | Add On Goodreads

The Story Hunter – Lindsay A. Franklin | 4.5 ★ | YA, Fantasy

I loved this trilogy, as a whole mostly. I found The Story Hunter to be the best out of the three, Franklin’s writing deepens and develops so much by the end.

One of my favorite pieces of this story was Digwyn. She is an interesting and hurting character that I truly fell in love with.

(How have I not reviewed this book yet?)(Also, I technically read this book at the end of the summer, but I figured it was close enough.) | Add On Goodreads

Honorable Mentions: A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea And Tomorrow – Laura Namey | With The Fire On High – Elizabeth Acevedo | The Book of Lost Names – Kristin Harmel | A Portrait of Loyalty – Roseanna M. White


The Post | PG-13 | 2017

I of course repeatedly mentioned my somewhat minor obsession (okay, fine, maybe it wasn’t exactly minor) with Emma Thompson repeatedly a few months ago, but I have not mentioned my recent admiration for Meryl Streep. The way that she completely becomes incredibly different characters is simply amazing. Regardless, my admiration for her has led to me subjecting my siblings to watching a handful of her movies recently. The Post is one of my two favorites of her movies, that I have seen (the other is The Devil Wears Prada, an exceptional lighter-hearted movie)

I loved Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep together, they are both wonderful in this movie. The storyline was fascinating, suspenseful (even though the outcome was unsurprising) and truly inspiring. This is a movie I will absolutely be re-visiting in the near future.

Late Night | R | 2019

I am aware of the fact that I mentioned Late Night previously, but as with Tweet Cute, I couldn’t not mention it here.

Emma Thompson is exceptional as Katherine Newberry and I just love so much of how Mindy Kaling touches on relevant issues.

Selma | PG-13 | 2014

This is an incredible and difficult movie to watch. The hatred portrayed is absolutely sickening, and so real.

All of the actors and actresses were wonderful, especially David Oyelowo as Dr. King.

Selma is definitely not a movie that is, or should be, easily forgotten.

Woman In Gold | PG-13 | 2015

This was a surprisingly good movie largely about justice. It was somehow both quiet and powerful. The portrayal of the Austrians welcoming the Nazis was heartbreaking. I loved how Maria Altman (played by Helen Mirren), a deceptively fragile, older woman, stood strong and fought for what rightfully belonged to her. On a side note, the acting was superb.

Have you read any of these books? Have you watched any of these movies? When do you finish school?

3 thoughts on “Goodbye To The 2020-2021 School Year | Top 4 Favorites | P. 1

  1. I finish classes this week but I have school to catch up on (*cries*)
    Ahh! I have watched The Post, Selma, and Woman in Gold. I thought all were fascinating and excellent. Do you find yourself enjoying historical films? I’m noticing a theme. 😉
    Also the Woman in Gold soundtrack is superb.


    1. Congrats on finishing this week! And good luck getting everything done, I completely understand….I have SO much to do over the next week.
      Yay! I am so happy to discover other young people actually do enjoy historical films. Did any of the three particularly stand out to you?
      Haha! Definitely a theme…..I kind of can’t get enough of them actually. Do you have any recommendations? 😂
      (I just listened to the soundtrack, you’re right!)


  2. I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned, but definitely plan on reading A Promised Land eventually – so it’s great to see you approve of it 😁 And I’ll have to look into your movie recommendations, too!


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