The Me And Music Tag // Featuring Some of My Favorite Songs // Part 2

Hello again, my dear readers. I am happy to be back and sharing with you all the part two of this lovely tag. As I chose songs for this tag, I was reminded of so many wonderful favorites that I haven’t listened to in months or years. I don’t know about you, but I will generally listen to a song about a million times in a row and then find a new favorite. Although I appreciate my access to Apple Music, it definitely makes it easier to forget about old favorites. Don’t get me wrong though, as part of a family that has chosen to not use YouTube, Apple Music is invaluable and I am so grateful for it. 🙂

My current music obsession (as well as that of most of my siblings) is The Voice. We discovered that they post many of the songs on their instagram and now are totally hooked. It’s incredibly inspiring in a way and I feel as though I have learned so much from hearing such a wide range of incredible voices. Besides, it is so much fun and a welcome break from school and the news. 🙂

Well, let’s jump right in with Part 2! (To read Part 1, click here.)

*Note to my younger readers, not all of these songs are ones I would wholeheartedly recommend to you, so please use the same caution you usually would when listening to/finding new songs!


(1) Link back to original (Sophie @ Me and Ink) so she can see your answers and listen to the tunes.

(2) For every prompt you choose to do, name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics).

(3) Have fun and play your music LOUD!


Disclaimer, I don’t cry easily over books, music or movies, that said, at times rare songs (read, mostly NF) have made me choked up, slightly. 🙂

Quiet – Elevation Rhythm | Here we go again, my mind racing, it’s like it never ends / Until Your voice breaks through my noise and I know I’m not alone, not alone

Can You hold Me (Britt Nicole) – NF | It feels like a tear in my heart, like a part of me missing / Can you hold me in your arms?

Crazy About You – Plumb | You screwed up, made mistakes, got dirty from the messes you’ve made / Take another chance on My love, no matter what you’ve done right, no matter what you’ve done wrong

Mansion – NF |My mind is a home I’m trapped in / I just leave my doors locked, you might get other doors to open up but this door’s not


Pianissimo – Andrea Bocelli & Cecilia Bartoli

The Prayer (feat. Céline Dion) – Andrea Bocelli | Let this be our prayer / If you guide us, you will save us 

watch – Billie Eilish | If we were meant to be, we would have been by now / Watch my heart burn with the fire that you started in me

Chasing (Demo) [feat. Mikayla Sippel] – NF | I just wanna run away and find somewhere that feels safe / Where I don’t have to run away from my flaws and I don’t have to be afraid of my thoughts


I, as I have mentioned before, generally rank voice over lyrics, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate well written and beautiful lyrics.

Summer Soft – Stevie Wonder | Morning rain gently plays her rhythms on your window pane, giving you no clue of when she plans to change, to bring rain or sunshine / And so you wait to see what she’ll do is it sun or rain for you

I Surrender – Céline Dion | There’s so much life I’ve left to live and this fire is burning still

All of My Life – Hillsong Young & Free |I’ve been lost and found been close and far away / You have so freely given every piece of Your heart


Generally speaking, I don’t listen to popular music, or at least not when it is popular (lol). I did find a couple, though. 🙂 (Update, I just looked and apparently Hamilton is still on the Billboard 200, who knew. Well, maybe people who pay attention to such things, but still. 🙂

Burn – Phillipa Soo | You and your words flooded my senses / Your sentences left me defenseless / I’m erasing myself from the narrative, let future historians wonder how Eliza reacted when you broke her heart

my future – Billie Eilish | I know supposedly I’m lonely now / Know I’m supposed to be unhappy / Without someone

I Dare You – Kelly Clarkson | I dare you to love / Even if you’re hurt and you can only see the worst


Lost Boy – Ruth B. | “Run, run, lost boy, ” they say to me / Away from all of reality

A couple of years ago this song was set to a video from camp, ever since Lost Boy makes me think of camp. The lyrics are rather fitting too, camp has always been a break from my reality.


I sing along to everything I listen to, as long as it isn’t way out of my vocal range or in a language I don’t know. (Sadly I only understand English, although I don know some Spanish words…) 🙂 Anyway, I’ll just use this as an excuse to share a couple songs that haven’t fit into any other category.

What We Need (feat. Alena Pitts) – Arie Camp | This world is broken all our tears have made oceans / Lord come down we need You now 

Must Have Been The Wind – Alec Benjamin | I didn’t want to intrude ’cause I knew that I didn’t have all the facts / But I couldn’t bear the thought of leavin’ her


Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles ( I actually prefer a cover to the original but..)

Like Gold – Angie Rose

Cry Pretty – Carrie Underwood

*I don’t actually love any of these songs, I just like them, sort of.


I am so picky that I never listen to complete albums unless they are by Christian artists, but here are a few of my favorite albums anyway.

Starlight – Bethel

All of My Best Friends – Hillsong Young & Free

People – Hillsong United

I am tagging….

Kaelyn @ Kaelyn’s Life

Eleanor @ Wishing Upon A Star

Mary Elizabeth @ Middle Mary

Jenna Terese @ Jenna Terese – Young Adult Author

(To anyone else who wants to do this tag, have fun! And make sure to tell me when you do!)

What are you currently listening to on repeat? Any thoughts on my song choices?

8 thoughts on “The Me And Music Tag // Featuring Some of My Favorite Songs // Part 2”

  1. Great job! I loved seeing your answers to this tag! I actually don’t listen to any of the artists you mentioned (except Philippa Soo from Hamilton), but I enjoyed seeing what you decided to write! Lately I’ve been listening to like all of Icon For Hire’s songs on repeat. 😉 XD


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