Music Collab // Featuring Kaelyn @ Kaelyn’s Life

Hello my dear readers. I don’t know about all of you, but life has been busy for me lately. School work and farm life are constantly filling up my time and there never seems to be quite enough time in the day, especially now that it gets dark so early!

Well, I told you all that I would take a break from talking about politics and mentioned that I had a collab in the works and….here we are. Kaelyn and I have collabed on several occasions before and I was excited to do something with her for the very first time, here at L&L! Kaelyn is a lovely blogger friend of mine and always a joy to chat with. We decided to ask each other some questions about our favorite music and artists and then share each others answers.

Anyway, let’s jump right in with these questions and answers, interspersed throughout some fun album covers. (My questions are in bold and Kaeyln’s answers italicized.)

Who are your favorite artists to listen to when you are working out/ jogging/ walking/ running? 
 Ohh great question!  While I am working out, I like to listen to stuff that is a lot more upbeat or has a hip-hop kind of feel. I listen to The Score, Lecrae, 116, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Jonas Brothers, Social Club Misfits, and a few others. 🙂 

What are a couple of songs that have strong memories tied to them?
“Breakthrough” by Britt Nicole is the most memorable one. It was very encouraging to me during some hard circumstances. 

Are there any songs that you listen to or sing to yourself when you are nervous or just need a reminder that you can ask God for help, whenever for whatever? 
I love the song “Peace” by Hillsong Young and Free and “Promises” and “Palm of Your Hand” by Maverick City. They are all very comforting and very encouraging. 

Who are your favorite artists to listen to when you are cleaning up/ doing chores?
Oh my goodness, yees! I love listening to music while I clean!  I love listening to Surfaces, Forrest, and Hollyn! 🙂  All so good! 

What songs to listen to when you are falling asleep?
Oh, I do listen to music while I fall asleep too! Hahahaha, I am always playing music! 🙂  I listen to 2 artists while I fall asleep and sadly I can’t remember their names even though I listen to them every night.. 😦  It’s a list of 22 songs so, it plays for about an hour while I am falling asleep.  It’s quite soothing. 

Do you prefer Bethel’s music or Hillsong’s music?
Bethel all the way!! Although I listen to Hillsong’s music too. 

What is your favorite TobyMac song?
Probably “Light Shine Bright” and “Keep Walking”. 🙂 

Have you heard any of Riley Clemmons’ music?
Yeess! She is really talented!! I like her song “Healing”. 

Is there an artist you wish would drop a completely new album?
My homies at Surfaces!!  I would love for them to do a new album as well as hearing Hollyn do a new one! 🙂 

Do you typically decide if you like a song based on the lyrics or the person’s voice?
I generally enjoy a song on a person’s voice although lyrics are important too.. but yeah mostly on the person’s voice. 🙂 

And that’s a wrap! I’d love for you to head over to Kaelyn’s Life to see my answers to Kaelyn’s wonderful questions. 🙂

What songs are you enjoying right now? Any thoughts on any of these questions?

5 thoughts on “Music Collab // Featuring Kaelyn @ Kaelyn’s Life”

  1. Nice post! I came here from Kaelyn’s blog! I’m going to check out some of your other posts!
    (I would leave a blog link but I’m afraid it will spam… so if you want to check out my blog just click my name! lol)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, great job with this collab!!! I love Andy Mineo, Lecrae and Social Club Misfits!!! (And some of Trip Lee’s stuff is pretty good, too!) I’m heading over to Kaelyn’s blog now! 😉


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