Fifteen Blog Tour // Spotlight

Hello again. I am excited to be sharing an up-coming release written by the lovely Amie! As I am sure many of you have heard, Amie is preparing to publish her second book, Fifteen, a compilation of poems related to mental health. To help get the word out about this exciting project, Amie is hosting a blog tour and giveaway and I have the opportunity is to share with you all the info about it!

Amie Anne – a girl chasing the stars

Fifteen‘s Summary

You’re not alone. You’re not the only person who struggles with mental health issues, not the only person with demons floating in your mind. Amie Woleslagle wrote Fifteen because she deals with them as well. Not to fix your pain, but to reach out and hold your hand. To remind you that you are not alone, to ask you to stay and make the world a better place. Because the world will never be the same without you and your unique take on life. Fifteen is a book of poems crafted from one teenager dealing with mental health issues to another teenager in the same place. It walks through the battle of pretending to be okay, of having people you thought were trustworthy shatter your heart, and the battle of not giving in when your brain has given up. Fifteen covers true friendships, embracing joy, self acceptance, and living your faith while struggling with mental illness, all the while showing that, in the end, flowers will bloom in the ashes of your pain.

*Summary Credit: Etsy

About the lovely Amie (in her own words)

I’m an average teenager with abnormal dreams and ambitions.  I’m a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I hope that all I do and say honors Him.  Sadly, I’m human, and I often fail there.

I’m a writer. My dream is to change the world by the words I create, the stories that bleed from my fingertips. I’ve jumped for a million different genres, including writing and illustrating a children’s book.

Visit Amie’s blog to learn more about her.

Pre-Order Links



Pre-Order Goodies

Don’t these pre-order goodies look amazing! I know I can’t wait to get mine. Make sure to fill out the goodies form so you don’t miss out!

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Other Important Links

Amie Anne – A Girl Chasing The Stars

All The Blog Tour Stops

I hope that you all enjoyed learning a bit about Fifteen and Amie. I for one can’t wait to receive my copy of Fifteen in a couple weeks and my pre-order goodies as well.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of Fifteen yet? Don’t the pre-order goodies and the giveaway look wonderful!?

*All photo credit goes to Amie

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